If you’ve ever heard, read, or seen people dedicated to slapping on and slathering different products onto their faces – morning and night, you probably know by now that nothing beats a consistent routine.

But, have you also noticed that the products are applied in a particular order – consistently? This order is known as skin layering.

Layering is a skincare routine that originated in Asia and has now seeped into Africa as a fun skincare trend.

While you may be tempted to hop on the trend and apply different products, there are some things to note – especially as an African – to avoid damaging your skin.

First, the originators of this trend (Korean women) are known to mostly have dry skin which makes it understandable and reasonable for them to apply layers upon layers of products on their skin because their dry skin can handle it.

If you have dry skin, chances are your skin can also handle different layers of products. You can incorporate our Resurfacing Serum or Balancing Serum into your layering routine. Click the link to add to the cart or send us a DM on Instagram for these products.

But, before you proceed, make sure that you truly understand your skin type to know how much products it needs. Learn more about how to identify your skin type in this post.

Another thing you need to understand – more like observe – is the weather and climate conditions of wherever it is that you find yourself per time. This is important because these two also play a significant role in how your skin reacts to products.


For instance, during winter, people with dry skin can first apply the Essential Balm and finish off with the Skin Butter Moisturizing Body Créme.

When you are indoors or outdoors, your skin will very likely react differently to the atmosphere, and depending on your lifestyle, this might cause you to require less or more products.

As a rule of thumbs, always:

  • Use a cleansing oil instead of makeup wipes for deeper cleansing
  • Apply any prescribed skin treatment right after washing your face for closer contact with the skin
  • Start with watery substances and proceed to thicker products.

●       Apply sunscreen last – before your makeup.

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