Harmattan Package


Dry skin has got nothing on you with the harmattan | winter package standing tall in your routine!
This collection of products will ensure that your skin stays moisturized and fresh throughout the season.

The package includes skin butter infused with D panthenol that locks in moisture and helps prevent dryness. You can rest assured that even after washing your hands and feet, or performing ablution, your skin will feel moisturized.

Our sabulun salo soap, made with lye from plantain peel, deeply cleanses your skin while maintaining its natural moisture. get an instant freshness with long-lasting moisture.

Our multipurpose balm, containing natural plant extracts, soothes and heals your skin, making it perfect for the harmattan season when your skin needs extra care.

Lastly, our renewal soap, made with shea, moringa, and cocoa, guarantees that your skin will stay moisturized and hydrated throughout the season.

Directions of Use

Cleanse the face first with the glow soap or meltaway cleanser.

Glow soap should be everyday but meltaway cleanser should be twice a week.

Then wash off and apply the exfoliating face masque which is also used twice a week

And follow up with a face cream which can be applied through out the day

The resurfacing serum is majorly for the night routine which means it is applied at night time.