Sabulun Solo ( African black soap)


For Face & Body


The African Black Soap created from natural by-product of Plantain Skin , Cocoa pod ashes and palm kernel oil to form lye as natural Cleansing Surfactant.
African Black Soap also known as Sabolun Salo in Northern Nigerian, was invented in the Western Region of Nigerian , known as Ose Dudu by the Yorubas .

It has a deep cleansing and bacteria fighting properties for pretty much all skin types.

Our African Black Soap ( Sabulun Solu) is formulated to suit all skin types, maintaining an healthy skin barrier while deep cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin and protecting it from microbes and free radicals without stripping the skin own natural moisture barrier.



– Raw African Black Soap: Soothe dry patches and irritated skin. Rich in antioxidants and anti microbial that protect the skin from harsh environmental Stressors

– Papain Enzyme: An enzyme exfoliants, skin softener which help squash free radicals activity in skin. It’s main purpose is to gently remove dead cells on the outer layer of the skin. Papaya extract is a great source of carotenoids. It’s help increase skin hydration and even dull skin

The Lemon grass in it has a refreshening natural frangrance, purifies the skin silk, reinvigorates tired looking skin and a Bath time stress buster. It’s also rich in astringent properties which in fighting acne causing bacteria


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